The Power of Story

Chuck combines the power of magic with storytelling to create an amazing effect with an awesome finale!


Parlor and Walkaround

Check out Chuck's parlor performances for some very special events, such as family celebrations and business meetings, as well as walkaround magic.


Torn and Restored Newspaper

Live and on-stage at the State Theater in Havre de Grace, Maryland, performing a classic of magic, to laughter and applause.


The best reactions.

Watch how the audience reacts from two of Chuck's best effects - the Torn and Restored Newspaper - as well as the Magician's Insurance Policy!


Cruise ship card magic.

Bad weather kept us from a port of call on a recent cruise, so when the Cruise Director announced he was adding activities, Chuck offered to teach magic!


Small stages or large.

Watch Chuck on the small stage with his amazing rope routine and vanishing a card and making it reappear in a most unusual place.


Magic in the hands of others.

Chuck routinely engages members of the audience to make the magic interactive. Here, two volunteers assist with one of the classics of magic.



People are Talking

Don't take Chuck's word for it. Here are just a few audience reactions after a recent performance in Baltimore.


Creating a Character

Creating a character to tell a story adds a whole new dimension to the classic multiplying bottles effect. Lots of audience laughter, too!


Where did the bill go?

Imagine that someone you invited to your event signs a bill, then watches it vanish before their eyes. It then reappears in the most unexpected of places!


Magic to Music.

Some of the best magic occurs without a word.  Enjoy this musical version of Chuck's original Juice-Pop routine, done to the music of Henry Mancini.


Comical opening.

If you want to capture someone's attention quickly, get them to laugh. Here, Chuck uses one of his comical openers to get the audience laughing.


Getting out into the audience.

The best magic does not always happen onstage. Sometimes you just have to get down into the crowd and bring the magic to them.