Chuck Thomas Jones, magician and entertainer.

Chuck Thomas Jones is a firm believer that the magic should happen in the hands of others, and so he engages his audience when he can - to make them a participant in the magic and not just an observer. That comes directly from his 30+ years experience in the corporate training and development field.

So how did he get here? Chuck had an interest in magic as a young boy. He was inspired by the magicians he saw on television - namely Mark Wilson and Doug Henning. But Chuck's story is different.  He fell out of magic when he was a teenager - and returned to it 40 years later. As Chuck says, he's living proof that "while you may give up on your dreams, your dreams always don't give up on you."

Before Chuck left magic in his teen years, he watched a live performance of a magician in the Baltimore area. That performance stayed in Chuck's memory for years, and he would recall it with joy whenever he saw a magician perform on television or on one of his summer cruise vacations. Years later, upon his return to magic, that Baltimore magician - who now owned his own magic shop - was the first person Chuck contacted.

Soon after, Chuck returned to the stage, entertaining audiences in theaters, restaurants, and other venues. He also began performing at conferences and other corporate events around the country.

Chuck's sense of humor is reflected in his performances, bringing laughter and joy to those who watch - and engaging his audiences who are often blown away by the magic.